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The umpteenth site about photography, camera and lenses. But a little bit different by paying a lot of attention to the expressiveness of photos as an art form. So no too technical treats or reviews that go into the mere pros and cons of equipment. No pixels or autofocus speeds, but the pure essence of photography. Here we follow the quest of more and more creative photographers who want to combine new and old, use classic analogue lenses on their digital cameras for photos and video. But also those who focus on purchasing analogue cameras and want to become familiar (again) with the principles of photography with (35mm) films. Or even go one step further by working with 120 mm medium format and even step up to large format. In this portal we explore classic, analogue cameras, lenses and accessories. What makes vintage photography so popular again? What is the magic formula behind this beautiful hobby? I hope this site contributes to answering that question.

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