Links to vintage cameras & lenses

Much research, tests and reviews of vintage lenses, especially for use on digital DSLR cameras can be found on the comprehensive site of Vintage lenses for video

Lately i am looking and reading more and more of the interesting tips & reviews from the spontaneous Mr.Leica (Matt Osborne, and it is not all about Leicas).

My favourite Youtube channels with lots of reviews of vintage cameras and lenses:

The Art of Photography: Ted Forbes and his reviews with videos about photography.

Zenography: Thoughts and reviews of cameras and lenses both old and new.

Reliable vintage camera shops (no affiliation!):

Petrakla camera’s (Holland, all vintage cameras with CLA!)

Analog Lounge (Germany)

WyCameras (England)

DeWit Cameras (Holland)

VQcameras (Holland)

Repairing or CLA for a Leica, do not hesitate, the legend lives in Holland: Will van Manen at

And if you are patient, it will be rewarded on catawiki, every week hundreds of vintage camera’s and stuff.

And if you ever need a manual to one of your old camera’s, the most fantastic site belongs to Mike at My compliments for this historic database of all camera’s.