Leica M6 in a backpack

Leica M6 Silbersalz

There are cameras that are so popular or beloved that they have acquired iconic status. One name that is certainly not missing from that list is the legendary Leica M6, the quirky rangefinder that took the world by storm in 1984. Even today, one of the most sought-after cameras. Last month it went in a backpack through Nepal. This is the photographic travel log of an analog adventure.

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Design for the masses: Agfa Silette L

Agfa Silette L

Mass production of 35mm cameras really took a huge leap in the 1950s. The War was over, reconstruction, growing optimism in a better world led to great economic progress. Vacations became possible, with the whole family in tents or caravans and capture precious memories with affordable cameras. These were the prime years of photography, for everyone. This demand asked for numerous brands and models. In addition to the Agfa film roll, the German company also managed to deliver quality in its own cameras, the Silette being one of the most popular.

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