Best scansoftware, matter of personal choices.

After our earlier article on scan software, requests came in to also show some examples of the differences between Epson, Silverfast and in conjunction with Negativelabpro plugin for Adobe Lightroom. For our examples, we use the Epson Perfection V850. Earlier we reviewed the V600, an excellent entry-level scanner, but in order to also work with large format negatives, we have to upgrade to the 7 or 8 series.

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vintage photo cameras

I must confess, a year after buying my first vintage camera, the addiction struck. What a hobby! Be warned, if you like analog photography, cherish rolls of film and are a bit tired of all the digital bits and bytes trivia, there is a high chance you are in for this addiction. Now that the forum is up and running, information is being exchanged, the desire for more is only growing. What has happened in the past 120 years in the field of photography in terms of cameras is simply man’s quest to give meaning to what is happening around them, what he sees and wants to freeze in order to understand. Photography is writing with light. The best addiction ever. Enjoy reading.

Eternal resting place: Kodak VPK

Kodak VPK

The most sought-after camera ever lies deeply hidden on the highest mountain on earth. George Mallory and Andrew Irvine, lost on the first British Everest expedition in 1924, may have been the first to reach the summit. Another member of the expedition has been quoted as saying that he had loaned his Kodak VPK camera to Mallory as they passed each other on the north ridge. Mallory gave it to Irvine in order to reach the top first and be in the picture. There the story ends. 75 years later Mallory’ s body was found, but not yet Irvine’s who holds the camera with the biggest secret of all.

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